How to use a serum

In just a few years, the serum has become an essential part of our facial beauty routines. Anti-aging, hydrating, mattifying, firming or anti-wrinkle serum… The many formulas available on the market today can correct all types of skin disorders. Effective, these treatments benefit from formulas rich and ultra-concentrated in different active ingredients.

So what exactly is a serum? Why apply this type of treatment on the face? And how to use a serum?

What is a serum?

Often overlooked, the face serum is nevertheless a first choice treatment for your beauty routine. For the past few years, it has entered our skincare rituals, and the results are there.

A serum is a facial treatment that generally consists of water and oil (it can also have a vegetable base, with aloe vera for example). To this formula are added highly concentrated active ingredients , chosen for their action on the beauty of the skin. It can for example be hyaluronic acid, essential oils or fruit acids… If the richness of its active ingredients gives the skin a smoother appearance, the light and fluid texture of the serum also brings a sensation of immediate refresh.

In cosmetics, the name ” serum ” comes from that of blood serum. When the blood is stripped of its cells and clotting proteins, the clear fluid that remains has a smooth, fluid texture indeed.

To create light care that is pleasant to apply, the world of cosmetics has been inspired by this texture. Quickly absorbed by the epidermis, the serum boosts the effectiveness of moisturizing and/or anti-wrinkle treatments . Thanks to its liquid texture, it also makes it possible to layer treatments without greasing the skin , and offers better absorption of the moisturizer applied afterwards.

The serum is generally packaged in small capacity bottles (droppers, for example). This makes it possible to precisely dose the quantity of product to be applied.

What are the effects of this type of treatment?

The serum has an intensely moisturizing action : in addition to hydrating and instantly improving the appearance of the skin, it also helps to enhance the effectiveness of creams used daily. By making the skin more permeable, it helps these creams penetrate more easily and more intensely.

Redness and skin dryness, acne, wrinkles and fine lines, dull complexion… Depending on the formula chosen and thanks to the targeted action of its active ingredients, the serum can also fight against very specific skin problems . If the skin does not suffer from any particular problem, it can also be used for prevention.

Which serum to choose?

As you will have understood, we choose our serum above all according to the specificities of our skin. Are wrinkles starting to set in? Is the skin dull or lacks radiance? Does it suffer from sagging, or present spots of hyperpigmentation?

anti-wrinkle : to fill in expression lines and smooth out wrinkles that are already well established. An anti-aging serum is a precious ally in the face of passing time;

anti-spots : to reduce and limit the appearance of dark spots and imperfections on the face;

firming : to redefine facial features and fight against sagging skin;

What assets?

To ensure the effectiveness of the serum, take an interest in its composition, and above all, in the active ingredients it contains:

for a moisturizing action : we will turn for example to a product based on hyaluronic acid;

for an anti-aging action : look for a serum for mature skin, with active ingredients such as seaweed, extracts of acacia, green tea or white tea. Rich in antioxidants, they help fight against the phenomenon of oxidative stress;

for mature, sensitive and dry skin : we will turn to an anti-aging serum, with a formula based on aloe vera or argan oil;

for skin prone to hyperpigmentation : look for a serum formulated with active ingredients such as retinol, azelaic acid or fruit acids (caution: it is advisable to avoid retinol on sensitive skin. find out more, ask your pharmacist for advice).

It is recommended to opt for a serum that is quickly absorbed by the skin. The texture of the product must indeed make it possible to quickly apply a day cream on top.

What anti-aging serum?

Does your mature skin need several actions at once? Be aware that some serums combine several active ingredients to provide the skin with a global anti-aging action .

My Giphar Laboratory Anti-Aging Serum helps fight the signs of aging. In addition to intensely moisturizing the skin, it firms the oval of the face and smoothes wrinkles and fine lines. With 95% ingredients of natural origin, it is suitable for sensitive skin and eyes. It is composed of white tea and red algae extracts (anti-aging), hyaluronic acid (with moisturizing properties) and alpine plant extracts (for complexion radiance). Thanks to this unique combination, this treatment offers a complete anti-aging action.

With a fresh texture, this serum for mature skin is particularly pleasant to use. Quickly absorbed by the skin, it is applied before a day cream or a night cream adapted to your skin type . Intended for mature skin, My Anti-Aging Day Cream and My Anti-Aging Night Cream from Laboratoire Giphar intensely nourish, protect and regenerate the skin. Wrinkles are reduced and the complexion smoothed and refreshed.

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