nternist During Your First Visit

Walking into the office of an internist for the first time can feel like stepping onto a foreign terrain. I know the tension. The questions swirling in your head. One moment, you’re debating if you should ask about that nagging backache, the next you’re wondering if you’re just being paranoid. And then there’s the lingering thought of your upcoming Boynton Beach annual physical. What should you expect? What should you ask? Fear no more. This blog will untangle the knots in your head and give you the top questions to ask during your first visit. You’ll walk in unsure and walk out confident.

1. What Does an Internist Do?

An internist is not an intern. They’re experienced doctors specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of adult diseases. They’re your go-to professionals for health issues ranging from the common cold to chronic illnesses.

2. What Should I Ask About My Health History?

Feel free to ask about how your health history impacts your current and future health. Discuss your family’s health history too. It helps your internist understand your risk factors.

3. What Should I Ask About Medications?

Ask about any medications you’re currently taking. Find out if they interact negatively with each other. Don’t forget to inquire about potential side effects.

4. What If I Have Symptom X?

Never feel embarrassed to discuss any symptoms you’re experiencing. Whether it’s that sporadic chest pain or unexplainable fatigue, bring it up. It might be nothing. Or it might be something. Only your internist can tell.

5. What If I Need a Specialist?

If your health issue is beyond the scope of internal medicine, your internist can refer you to a specialist. This could be a cardiologist for your heart issues or a gastroenterologist for your stomach problems.

6. What About My Boynton Beach Annual Physical?

Your annual physical is the perfect time to evaluate your overall health. It’s more than just a tick box. It’s the golden opportunity to nip potential health issues in the bud.


Visiting an internist for the first time doesn’t have to be a maze of confusion. Remember, no question is too trivial when it comes to your health. So prepare your questions, step into that office, and walk out with confidence.

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