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Fake high school diplomas do exist. Whether you’re considering buying one or doing everything possible to avoid ending up with a bogus document, stop for a moment and read this article. We’ll explain why someone can get a fake diploma, if it’s legal to get one, and how to make sure the document you get is a real diploma and not a fake one.

Why do people get fake high school diplomas?

Dishonest reasons include showing a fake high school diploma to convince a school or potential employer that you have credentials you never earned. This is the main reason why you need such a convincing (watch out for dismissal for gross misconduct ) version of the diploma. It’s hard to imagine why you would fool people so much unless you honestly want them to believe the document is official.

Practical reasons

Many sites offering fake diplomas point out that high school diplomas are relatively susceptible to loss and relatively difficult to replace. So the idea is that a surrogate could be a good thing to have and pass on to future generations.

Secondary school diplomas (find out the aid called CDA ) are used to prove to the world that you have completed your secondary studies with passing grades.

Parchment, Contract, Paper, Document, Old, ManuscriptMost of the time, you are trying to convince a college or an employer of your level of education; schools and companies want to know

This is where we come back to the dishonest reasons for getting a fake degree listed above; with a false document, a person may be able to gain acceptance into a college or business that would not have been offered to them otherwise. But the story usually doesn’t end with a happy ending, as we’ll see in the next section.

On the one hand, it is extremely likely that you will be discovered . In most cases, a simple phone call from the university or the company to the school from which you are supposed to have graduated is enough to undermine your plans. Additionally, organizations like schools and background check companies monitor illegitimate credential-related operations, frequently updating their databases.

Discovery means the loss of any position you might have obtained using your fake diploma – at best. At worst, it can mean prosecution and conviction.

How to get a high school diploma?

First and foremost, earning a high school diploma takes time and work . It is impossible to obtain a valid diploma without fulfilling a number of conditions.

Street, People, Children, School, Boy, EducationThere are several options for students who want to work toward a high school diploma. Your local school district is always a good place to start exploring this option.

There are also evening classes , which are generally for students who need to catch up on some credits, not those who want to start and finish high school there. There are also alternative high schools, which are similar in structure to an average high school, but whose methods are completely non-traditional.

There is also the online option . Online high schools are becoming more and more popular these days; it’s basically getting the curriculum from an online source and handing in the assignments remotely. Generally, there are lectures or discussions that can be attended via chat or videoconference.

The majority of college applicants are high school students and most college application advice is aimed at them. You will still be able to enroll in college, don’t worry.

How can you be sure that the diploma you are going to obtain is real?

If you are thinking of buying a degree online, you are probably more interested in the online mode of schooling. This guidance will therefore focus primarily on identifying legitimate online institutions .

Graduation, Teen, High School, Student, Graduate

A Legit Online High School

Online high schools must be accredited , unless operated by a specific school district or the state. This is an extremely important quality to check; accreditation is absolutely essential. You can check with your state’s Department of Education or Attorney General to find out if an online program is accredited or otherwise approved. Also see our own article explaining accredited online programs.

Call a respected college and see if they would accept a degree from the program you are considering. If they do, that’s a good sign you’re on the right track; if they don’t, keep looking.

Signs of a Fake Online High School

Fake online schools often charge a flat fee for a degree program, rather than charging per class or per credit.

Fake online schools often charge for the degree itself, in addition to or instead of the coursework.

Fake online schools may have few or no lessons and promise little or no interaction with teachers. Some promise degrees based solely on life experience, with no courses required.

Fake online schools can promise you a degree in a very short time – months, weeks, or just a few days.

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