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Pitchers are useful for serving beverages for any occasion. You can use it to serve beer, juices or any other cold drinks for an event. It is more useful for bigger occasions like a company gala dinner or other dining experiences. Getting a personalized pitcher with your logo or an inscription on it can be a great marketing tactic for formal occasions. It is not an expensive investment, and it will yield a lot of returns in the long run.

You may wonder how it works so read along to gain insights on how you can catapult your marketing strategy with customised pitchers:

Unique way of promotion

Consumers are always exposed to different advertisements and marketing strategies. To come up with something different that gives an edge is challenging but not impossible. Adding a logo or a unique slogan to a pitcher can be a subtle way of influencing potential partners’ and consumers’ minds. For instance, if you are hosting a big event, it may not be possible for you to make your presence known to everyone.

In that instance, a personalised product can do the job for you. Your brand’s logo or initials will go with the pitcher. Whenever it is taken out to serve drinks, the diners will see it. They may not make a conscious effort to memorise it. But seeing it often will do the job. Wherever the recipient goes, the brand too will go with them. So, your brand can be recognised even after the event, as your logo or unique inscription is known.


You may wonder, why go the extra mile with something as small as a beverage holder. There are many benefits of investing in something small in size but loud in impact. Initials or logos on hoodies, bags, etc are not uncommon. A potential customer or client is used to seeing numerous advertisements daily. So you would have to do something that would catch their eye, and keep their attention for a while.

This product can be used on an everyday basis. It will give your brand continuous exposure without a consistent expenditure. Your brand’s visibility would only increase as every time you pour out a beverage, a different crowd will see your logo. So, in the long journey, it will be cost-efficient.

Conscious effort to a subconscious effect

A unique logo on pitchers will last you longer than any other traditional advertising tactics. It does not undermine the traditional way of promoting your brands. But an inscription on a picture can advertise a lot more for less investment. You can even choose to design a range of gifting products with this unique logo. For instance, you can give away a personalised pitcher at a big event. That way, you can send a piece of your hard work to someone’s home, and the exposure will get perpetual.  You can work on a unique style font or colour to choose from. As you imprint a piece of your vision on this product, you will be able to ingrain this unique symbol in the minds of potential partners and clients. It will certainly enter the minds of people, for a lot less than you would spend on a billboard or your daily paper. You can allocate the money you save for other business activities.

It is a unique way to permeate the spaces of strangers who could be your business visitors. Your logo would be seen whenever it is taken out to serve beverages, thereby increasing your brand’s visibility.

Think before you choose

You must put a lot of thought into the design and slogan you can come up with. Remember though the method is unique, it is the logo that ultimately captures the action. So, do a detailed analysis of your company’s vision motto and come up with a design that aligns with them all. As there are a variety of options that you can choose from, narrow it down to your preferences and then choose what suits you best. It will act as a perpetual seal for your company so make it worthwhile.

Summing up

As an overview, personalising products with your brand’s logo on them will speed up your marketing efforts. You can explore a wide range of products you can do this on. For instance, you can go for a custom logo shaker bottle that you can take wherever you go. The brand will accompany you to all the destinations and be your promoter. You can even gift out a few of these products and turn the marketing into a perpetual cycle, yielding a lot of results in the long business run.

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